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29th of September from 7:00 - 9:00 PM

At University of Washington Tacoma.


Ryan Lence

Master SQL Server N-Way Clusters

This session will provide a deep dive into building, supporting, and maintaining SQL Server N-Way clusters. From SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and now 2012, Microsoft has made several improvements to N-Way clustering technologies. Here we will go over the differences between these versions, and go under the covers to look at cluster logging, mount points, MSDTC, cluster groups, patching, getting the right balance, and other needed topics. Mission critical topics like how to I add new cluster instances without affecting uptime, and what is the right way to expand the cluster will be covered. We will also go over how to create your own Virtual N-Way cluster for testing using iSCSI between one or more laptops. This session will be filled with real world examples, and demo’s to help the participants gain a deeper understanding of using N-Way clusters to solve real world issues, while reducing the total cost of their SQL Server environment.


Title: Through the Looking-Glass With DMVs, and What Alice Found There
"Through the Looking-Glass With DMVs, and What Alice Found There" - When your world is SQL Server, you need a looking-glass to determine server health, diagnosis problems, and tune performance. In this session will we follow Alice through the looking-glass to determine what she finds in SQLServerLand. Alice will be using dynamic management views and functions (DMVs) to explore the land behind the looking-glass. She will find statistics, poorly performing queries, and much more. Follow Alice and her new friends, as she traverses across SQLServerLand and provides you with snippets of T-SQL code that you can use to explore your own SQLServerLand.
Greg Larsen has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5. He works for the state of Washington and does part-time consulting for DesignMind, a San Francisco–based consulting company. Greg has written over 150 articles on topics related to SQL Server. He runs a website that contains numerous SQL Server example scripts at www.sqlserverexamples.com. Greg is also an adjunct professor at South Puget Sound Community College. He has been an MVP since 2009 and authored a chapter in the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives volume #2. . In his spare time, he races and cruises on his sailboat in and around the Pacific Northwest.

November 17th

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